Sensational Living®

March 2003
© 2003 by Bret S. Beall

There are so many things I want to do each day that bring me joy and happiness, that I sometimes become annoyed when I have to wash dishes (I don’t use my dishwasher). Washing dishes annoys me almost as much as doing laundry or cleaning house; cranking up the radio while I’m scrubbing away at plates and bowls and glasses is one of the two things that saves my sanity. The other thing is … nylon netting.

Nylon netting is what I have used for a quarter of a century to scrub my dishes instead of the usual sponges, washcloths and prepared scrubbers, and my mother used it at least a decade prior to . It’s cheap, easy to clean (so it’s more hygienic), often does a better job of scrubbing and can be used for other purposes. Don’t believe me? Read on!