Travel Planning

I live to try new things, and visiting new places is an important part of that. I have been fortunate to travel throughout much of North America and Europe for business and pleasure.

In addition to having first-hand experience of many places, I am an exceptional researcher, and create travel agendas that literally cause peoples’ eyes to bug out in awe.

My travel planning experience dates back to my graduate school days.

Whether you want an overnight trip, a weekend getaway or a longer vacation, I can create an agenda tailored to your needs.

I specialize in travel planning that emphasizes education, the environment, and your economy!

Don’t save for a lifetime for a dream vacation. Enjoy today! Enjoy now! I learned this lesson 20 years ago, and I hope that I can help you take some time for yourself, experience new experiences, see new sights, and live your life to the fullest!

To discuss creating the travel agenda that you need for your next trip, contact Bret at 773.508.9208 or email me.