Daily Lifestyle Management

I always have lived well, and I want you to, as well, at low cost.

Furthermore, there are significant positive environmental ramifications to adopting this way of life.

Among the skills I can help you develop to begin to live better are:

1 . Organization 2 . Streamlining 3 . Simplification 4 . Budgeting 5 . Prioritization 6 . Efficiency Maximization 7 . Communication Enhancement 8 . Service (“familial,” “customer,” other)

Specifically, I can discuss your problems over the phone, or (better) visit your home (or office) to help you:

1 . Solve storage problems; 2 . Evaluate your existing budget and scheduling styles, and perhaps create new ones; 3 . Identify areas requiring hands-on simplification, streamline and general organization; 4 . Offer advice regarding in-home distribution of labor/responsibility; 5 . Develop systems and procedures to make your life easier, more enjoyable, and more leisurely.

If living a life that is easier, more enjoyable and more leisurely than it currently is would be of any value to you, contact Bret at 773.508.9208 or email me.

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