Indoor Gardening

Are you stressed? Do you spend every winter awaiting spring? Do you suffer from SAD/Seasonal Affective Disorder? Grow indoor plants!

Think you are missing a green thumb? I can help you with dyeing that opposable appendage!

I have almost 35 years of experience growing attractive plants in dubious (read: difficult to impossible) indoor conditions. I can help anyone who is “botanically challenged.”

Growing indoor plants:

1 . Enhances your environment with a variety of shapes, colors, textures, aromas and even sounds.
2 . Helps to clean your environment by removing various toxins from the air.
3 . Assists in reducing stress by taking your mind off of your problems.
4 . Requires you to think in terms of light levels throughout your home, leading to greater ambience along with more conscious energy usage.
5 . Begins to train your mind to be more mindful, which is a skill applicable in every portion of your life!

These psychological and physical health benefits of surrounding oneself with a variety of plants and caring for them are undeniable evidence for moving your life in this direction! Growing plants both at home and in your office will enhance your life for pennies!

I can guide you through:

1 . Plant selection to satisfy all of the senses
2 . Potting/Repotting
3 . Soil selection
4 . Watering techniques
5 . Pruning, Trimming and Shaping
6 . Propagation
7 . Overwintering
8 . Pest management
9 . Deciding when a plant is unsalvageable.

Let me help you by calling 773.508.9208 or email me.