Cooking, Food and Entertaining

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Simple! Sensible! Sensational!® Cooking.

Do you want to make REALLY delicious food that is REALLY easy to prepare and is REALLY affordable? Do you want nutritious and healthy food? Do you want to be more earth-friendly? Do you want to know how to prepare food efficiently so that you have more free time? I can help you with all of this and more, like how to stock a pantry, how to cook one day for the entire week, and how to develop a new appreciation for food! I can help you enhance your presentations to please yourself, your family and your friends! I have over 25 years of experience doing this, and I can help you! Call me at 773.508.9208 or e-mail me to begin to change your existing culinary life!

My individually customized services include:

  1. Coming into your home to teach you (and perhaps a group of family and/or friends) a variety of recipes using your own equipment and resources.
  2. Helping you organize your kitchen to save time.
  3. Consulting on recipes and décor for a variety of entertaining options.
  4. Demonstrating time-saving preparation techniques that will ensure delicious, healthy food every day of the week.
  5. Adjusting your existing recipes to enhance flavor, ease, health and earth-friendliness.
  6. Designing menus for everyday dining as well as for special occasions and events.
  7. Speaking to your company, organization or circle of friends about a variety of food-, cuisine- and entertainment-related topics, including the scientific aspects of healthful eating, and include the art of incorporating the scientific information into the preparation of quick, easy, delicious food.
  8. Writing articles for your publication on a variety of food-, cuisine- and entertainment-related topics.
  9. Adapting my skills and knowledge to your specific requests, so if you have an idea, just ask me! I’m here to help you live better lives.

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